Low Cost Very Affordable

First, please watch our introductory video here. Wealth Step By Step was created so that anyone could become financially independent. Our business is only $15 or $28 a month. Plus, you can earn over a 120k a year in residual income! Click here to see our pay plan. In addition, we have a great $25 Fast Start Bonus for all your new sales each month. Our pay plan pays out 89.2%. The legal limit is 90%. Our products are digital, so this reduces the high cost of manufacturing and shipping. Further, digital products allow us to be instantly world wide. Our digital products are an email autoresponder, which holds up to 300 leads that you can upload, a customizeable lead capture page, which can be used to promote any business and file storage or back-up. Each lead capture page is connected to our contact lead database and email autoresponder.

We know that most people are not interested in making sales calls, but would still like to start an online business. Notice the drop-down menu above. You can choose how you would like to be contacted (email, text or phone). With our advertising system, you do not have to "sell" anything. If you choose to be contacted by email only, or text only, we will honor that. We want to respect your privacy. This also makes the business easier for us and you. So it is a win win!

Privacy Policy: Wealth Step By Step will never sell your private information to a third party.