Low Cost Very Affordable

Wealth Step By Step was created so that anyone could become financially independent. Our business is only $20 to get started.

Whether you like networking by phone or prefer texting and emailing, we have a marketing plan for you. We know that most people are not interested in making sales calls, but would still like to start an online business and build a personal empire. Our goal is to make the business so easy a grandma could do it. After all, we have technology at our fingertips to make sharing information quick and easy, which will not require you to be a salesperson or spend a lot of time on the phone. Of course you are encouraged to email, text or call your sponsor after reviewing the website, but we will give you the information first.

Our business is only $20 which includes the product, Probiotic Cleanse, shipping, tax, a personal website and advertising webpage. Good deal, right? Plus, you can earn well over a 100K a month in residual income! Remember what Warren Buffet said, "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."

Notice the drop-down menu above. You can choose how you would like to be contacted (email, text or phone). We also have leads available in batches of 30 for just $5 (we pay part of the cost). These are people that are actively looking to start a home business. Real people just like you, looking for a way out of the rate race. With our advertising system, you do not have to "sell" anything. Anybody can do this! Take a free tour of our main website and get started today!

Finally, if you choose to be contacted by email only, or text only we will honor that. We want to respect your privacy. This also makes the business easier for us and you. So it is a win win!

Privacy Policy: Wealth Step By Step will never sell your private information to a third party.