Pay Plan Overview

Our goal at Wealth Step By Step is to put within reach of any person the opportunity to become financially independent. We offer straightforward, but powerful commissions of $3 or $4 per account in your downline. In addition, the opportunity to start for only $25 (then just $15 a month thereafter) or $28 and grow your business at your own pace, step by step. We know you will succeed at some point if you put in the required work. There is no free ride to financial freedom, but Wealth Step By Step offers a realistic pathway toward that goal. Rather than work 40 plus years to escape the rat race, we offer a different avenue of just a few years, working only 2 to 4 hours a week.

  • Get started for only $25 or $28 the lowest in the industry.
  • Earn huge $3 or $4 commissions from your downline.
  • Forced matrixes creating teamwork.
  • Can earn over $120,000 per year in residual income!
  • $20 and $25 Fast Start Bonus for personal enrollments in matrix 1 and 2.
  • We pay out 89.2%. The legal limit is 90%. Nobody pays you more.

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Pay Plan
Our goal at Wealth Step By Step is to help people start with a small amount of money and grow it into a huge empire. However, to join a large 3x10 matrix, would require a product purchase of $100 or more. Including advertising expenses, many people cannot afford this.

Additionally, with just several people in your downline, your monthly product cost will be offset by your commissions and your business will be free. You don't have to do a lot in network marketing, just enroll three team members and then help those three do the same.

The product for the first matrix is the email autoresponder. The cost for the email autoresponder is $15 a month (the first month is $25). For each person you enroll into this first matrix, there is a $20 Fast Start Bonus. Then starting the second month they become part of the matrix / residual income. By having a virtual product for the two matrixes, we have eliminated the high cost of a physical product and shipping and are able to offer you these rock bottom prices. These huge commissions are designed to get you into profit fast and help you and your downline stick.

Our customizeable lead capture page and contact lead database is one of the best in the industry. It is sure to capture leads and grow any business. You just put in the text and links and the design, forwarding button and audio is already done for you. Further, our customizeable lead capture page lets people choose how they want to be contacted, whether by email, text or phone. No other lead capture page has these features. To summarize, the product for the $15 matrix is an email autoresponder and has a $20 Fast Start Bonus the first month. The product for the $28 matrix is an email autoresponder and customizeable lead capture page. The $28 matrix has a $25 Fast Start Bonus the first month.

The Best Matrix

Wealth Step By Step uses a 3 x 7 matrix because it creates the most TEAMWORK. After you enroll your first three business associates, your first level is full. Now every person you enroll after that is called "spillover" and falls underneath your first three business associates to help them out. This creates TEAMWORK like no other pay plan. If your first and second levels are full, then your next business associate that you enroll will spillover underneath the next available associate, whether on the third, fourth or fifth level etc. Do you see how this creates a solid foundation so your downline remains strong? Conversely, if you were to enroll ten business associates, all on your first level, almost none of them would get any help. You should understand that the wider the matrix, the less chance you will have to succeed. Further, a two-wide matrix is too narrow because you will not have enough accounts to make a lot of money. Thus all things considered, the three-wide matrix is the best.

Expensive vs. Inexpensive Pay Plans

Now if a network marketing pay plan is only about $15 a month, it is easy on the pocket book this is true, but the commissions from the downline are too small.
However, if the monthly cost to join a network marketing company is too high, such as $100 a month, the commissions are more lucrative, but people usually lose money so fast they drop out. Further, the high cost to join ($100) prevents many people from even taking the first step and enrolling. Wealth Step By Step creates the best of both worlds. We give you the opportunity to start small, in an inexpensive pay plan, and then only if you are successful, and in profit, join a more expensive, more lucrative pay plan. Our hope at Wealth Step By Step is that anybody can get rich with a little hardwork and effort. We just want to help people, especially the average American, who is working hard, paycheck to paycheck, and is trying to find a way out of the rat race. We understand people just want a fair shot at becoming financially independent in life. After all, isn't that the American dream, to become wealthy?

America Has Become Big Business
In our view, network marketing is almost the last chance for ordinary people to become financially independent based on the current business environment. Do average income people have enough money to open a shoe store, laundry mat, restaurant, clothing store, print shop or any other "brick and mortar" business? The answer is no. Most people are just working paycheck to paycheck. Moreover, America used to be 80% small, family owned businesses and 20% were big chain businesses. Now in America 80% of businesses are huge franchise chains and only 20% are small family owned companies. It is very difficult to compete against these large chain stores. So the opportunity to own a successful business on Main Street is dwindling rapidly.

A Mini Franchise
The genius of network marketing is that while you may not have the money to buy a McDonalds or Home Depot franchise to get rich, you can buy a mini-franchise in multi-level marketing. Just as wealthy executives copy their businesses and start new ones in different locations, ranging from just a few to several thousand, you can also get in on the franchise game. When you join a network marketing company, you are hypothetically buying a mini-franchise. Then as your team grows you are copying yourself many, many times, just like the big executives. It is this duplication process that can make your financial dreams become a reality.

No Games
In general, network marketing companies have many pay plan "rules." It easy to see that these "rules" are only designed to help the company keep more money for themselves and pay out less money to the representatives. Obviously this does not make any sense since the representatives are doing most of the work, but I digress. In other companies, reps are required to "balance" three or four legs and try to keep them within a range of roughly the same size. This is supposedly to keep the reps working, but in reality it is to keep the reps money. If there are so many complicated ways to get paid, which is just a smoke screen, or you cannot understand how you are going to get paid, it is a red flag. An entrepreneur should be able to understand how they are going to get paid so they know how to get to their destination of financial independence. Wealth Step By Step is aiming to treat our representatives right and help them take home as much money as possible. We know and understand very well that the more money you make, the healthier the financial future of Wealth Step By Step. We believe in empowering people and creating a bright future for everyone.

Exponential Growth
Understanding the logic of exponential growth is vital to your success. It is the power of duplication within your team that will propel you toward financial independence. When your group reaches 50 to 100 people, you should see around one new sales associate a day joining your team. This is very exciting and highlights the unerring logic of duplication in network marketing. After a while your group will begin to exponentially explode. However, we should mention that it is also important to enjoy the journey toward financial independence, even when you have just a small team of ten people or less. Enjoy your accomplishments that brought you to that point in your journey, rather than the smaller monetary gains.