As the CEO of your new business, you are free to advertise it as you choose. However, traditionally in network marketing there are generally three ways to grow your business: buying leads, generating your own leads on the internet and sharing your business with your warm market.

First, buying leads is easy because you don't have to advertise. Further, they are not that expensive, only about 50 cents each. There is only one drawback, the advertising company that generates the leads, sells them about six times. So you are competing against other home business companies. However, since Wealth Step By Step is only $25 and most other companies are $100 to $300 we definitely have an unfair advantage.

Second, your Wealth Step By Step back office is equipped with a lead capture page and lead database. You can generate your own leads on the internet. Your upline will show you how to set up your ad. Each day you can see new leads in your back office! They cost about $2 each to generate. Plus when you call them, these are people who have requested information directly from your website about starting a home based business. See our lead capture page here

Third, you can share your new business with your friends or warm market. This method requires a little more reservation because they may not have been looking to become financially independent. Don't try to convince someone to join your network. If no interest is shown, just move on. When it comes to your friends, remember professionals sort, amateurs convince.